Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The snuff-film showing U.S. soldiers in Iraq being victims of video-recorded snipers, then shown on CNN, should wake-up the Justice Department. It is time to arrest, and if necessary execute, those in the news media who are helping the enemies of the U.S. The Bush administration is afraid take action against the news media, and TPJ does not understand this. Mr. Bush should know that 99 percent of the news media are against his administration and the war in Iraq, and these news-outlets are doing everything to make America lose the struggle against terrorism.
Members of the news media: 1. Don't believe there is a threat against America and that the U.S. is at war. 2. Will help enemies of the U.S., if that help makes the Bush Administration look bad and hated. 3. Cheer ever day a U.S. soldier is killed in Iraq, because it gives their news organization something to work-with to discredit Mr. Bush. 4. Have political connections to assure that negative news about Republicans leak-out.
It is time to arrest Wolfe Blitzer and his anti-American crew at CNN. It is time to arrest the publisher, editors and reporters at The New York Times for leaking classified information that damaged the U.S. war efforts against terrorism. It is time to make the FCC revoke the broadcast licenses of ABC, CBS and NBC for aiding and abetting the enemy and leaking classified information.
All enemies know that they can learn how to attack and destroy the U.S. simply by watching CNN or reading The New York Times. The Bush Administration should stop the enemies within this country; it should start arresting traitors who work for the news media--before it is too late.


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