Friday, September 01, 2006


Liberal Democrats are like two people sitting on an unstable box of dynamite, smoking cigars and throwing lit firecrackers around the box, while people are telling them that they are nuts, because they could "blow-up real good."
President Bush, Republicans, many U.S. citizens and some Democrats are warning the Liberals, which includes most of the news media, that they better understand the dangers of terrorism, because if they don't, the whole world will "blow-up real good."
But Liberals and fools of the news media think that Mr. Bush is making-up all the terrorist threats for political points. That is how stupid these people are; Liberals are literally stupid human beings.
The day will come, probably sooner than latter, when the Hollywood whore crowd; the elite of the news media; Liberal leaders; and dumb voters will realize that Mr. Bush was trying to protect their worthless asses and this country from Big-Time crazy people, who would gladly commit suicide, if they could kill thousands of Americans while doing so.
Maybe 20 years from now, people will study U.S. history and ask themselves how Liberals could be so idiotic to appease terrorists, while risking 300 million lives, which is this country's population. These people 20 years from now will condemn The New York Times; The Washington Post; the network and cable news networks, and PBS. If this country still exists.
Liberals are risking everybody's lives, and this country's freedom, because they hate George W. Bush. And the terrorists are loving it.


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