Wednesday, September 06, 2006


TPJ has always stated that liberals are literally stupid human beings, and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann is proving this fact.
Olbermann, once a two-bit sports announcer picked-up by MSNBC, had the gall and stupidity to call President Bush's recent speech on terrorism, "Un-American." Intelligent people, which would exclude exec-types at NBC and MSNBC, know graying Keith does not have the smarts to finish a cross-word puzzle, let alone give biased, traitorous comments and lectures on MSNBC about U.S. Government policies and Bush administration tactics on fighting terrorism.
Word of advice to you suit-wearers at NBC and MSNBC--better hire body guards for graying Olbermann. The word out here in reality-land is that the former California native and former sports announcer will not be living a "healthy life."
Readers should access some of Olbermann's "speeches" made on MSNBC. They will discover what a fool and idiot this MSNBC employee actually is.
MSNBC is a left-wing, liberal, news-network. This means there are very stupid people running MSNBC.
The current odds on Olbermann living another 3 years are not good. Some in Las Vegas say they won't take the bet, because graying Keith does not have a future.


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