Saturday, September 16, 2006


The Liberals running CNN knew they couldn't keep broadcasting their anti-Bush, anti-USA news propaganda long before viewers discovered this deception, so CNN, with the help of their 'big brother,' Turner Broadcasting, slyly slipped all the biased news and comments that they couldn't broadcast into their sister network's programming, and thus; CourtTV viewers see the world how CNN and Liberals see it.
CourtTV is part of Turner Broadcasting. Here, on CourtTV, you get half-hour news updates, usually read by minorities, who 99 percent of time, blast President Bush, Republicans or those who oppose Liberal ideas.
You can count on "CNN Guests" to appear on CourtTV, most of whom have Liberal agendas to spew-forth in their latest books, which CourtTV gladly advertises. The ACLU is venerated by CourtTV, which gave that Liberal lawyer-organization its own program on its network.
Demented Liberal Catherine Crier, who screams anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-war diatribes on her own CourtTV show, also glorifies CNN, the ACLU, Democrats and any Liberal agenda.
Since lawyers, about 90 percent nation-wide, support Democrats in elections, it should come as no surprise that Liberal CNN has co-opted CourtTV to get that party's Liberal message out--and what better place than a network that is run-by, and whose guests and hosts are--lawyers.
You should know that U.S. high schools use CNN as a "Cable In The Classroom" service, which is suppose to teach students about the world and the U.S.A. High School students are being brainwashed by Liberal CNN. And you can bet your last dollar that many of these classrooms show CourtTV programs, so students can learn about the legal system.
This answers the puzzling question on why there are so many Liberals in college.


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