Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Billionaire news-media mogul Richard Mellon Scaife, the traitor-lover, is said to be ill, TPJ sources disclosed recently. These sources have had access to some of Scaife's medical records, and they told TPJ Scaife is "ill."
The sources would not say if Scaife was physically ill or mentally ill, but people who know Scaife's past don't have to guess--he is a traitor-lover, which makes him mentally unstable.
Scaife's buddy, traitor-coward U.S. Rep. John Murtha, is in hot water, because he is being exposed by some in the press for what he is, and a former Marine is suing the fat congressman for calling him a "cold blooded killer." This suit concerns the allegations about "innocent Iraqi victims," allegedly shot by U.S. Marines.
Patriotic Americans should pray that Scaife does not get well, soon. Voodoo Dolls are on sell, if some would like to partake.
Newspapers do not need traitor-lovers for publishers. Newspapers do not need rich punks, like Scaife, who have never worked a day in their lives, determining the news, when they can not determine if they should sell stocks one day, or take the red-limo to the office.
Scaife is a man-child, determined to show people how important he is, when in reality, everyone knows he is a worthless piece of wet bird-shit.
Once, Scaife had an argument with someone associated with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and being the spoiled man-child that he is, Scaife banned all his newspapers from ever running a Pirates-story on their front pages again.
What a punk.
Now, Scaife is forcing his newspapers to publish flattering, pumped-up good stories about fat, traitor Murtha.
Let's hope Scaife "has the big one" and meets Satan, who he would admire.


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