Wednesday, July 26, 2006


In the days of the Roman army, the enemy knew its chances of survival were slim to none. That's because Roman soldiers kicked ass. Roman senators left the fighting to generals, and that is why the Roman army won most of its battles.
The U.S. is losing the war with terrorists, because fat, suit-wearing politicians are interfering with those who know how to kick ass, but are not allowed, due to elected idiots and traitors, like Rep. John Murtha.
All roads once led to Rome. One day there were 6,000 prisoners nailed to crosses on either side of one of those roads. This was done to show all enemies of Rome, and all those who traveled to Rome, that people who wanted to kill Romans, were they themselves viciously killed.
No one was allowed to help the 6,000. They were left on crosses to die. No one was allowed to bury any of them. Their bodies were left to rot in the wind, whose breezes eventually blew their dust away from the crosses.
The U.S. now needs military leaders like the Roman generals. The U.S. should punish traitors like Murtha, and arrest those who help the enemy, like reporters, editors and the publisher of The New York Times.
It would be grand to travel along a highway to Washington D.C. and see terrorists nailed to crosses along both sides of the road. It would be wonderful to also see traitors like fat Rep. John Murtha; billionaire traitor-lover Richard Mellon Scaife, and the scummy people of TNYT also nailed on crosses with people of their own kind.


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