Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Keith Olbermann, who "works" for MSNBC, is one of the worst people chosen to read news and bring news to a TV audience. This shows you the mentality of the big-shots running MSNBC.
Olbermann, a washed-up sports announcer, was picked by the MSNBC-brass to bring you the news. Olbermann, an air-head from California, (aren't they all?), actually thinks that he is someone respectable and worthy enough to bring you important, serious news.
Former sports-copy-reader Olbermann has made many enemies, since babbling on MSNBC, including important, serious people, who would not mind if the talking-head was found dead.
In the ratings-world, Olbermann and MSNBC aren't worth the newspaper-ink that prints their miserable numbers. However, the looney-lefties love the washed-up sports announcer, and that is why MSNBC keeps him.
Olbermann's hair was black when he started his "TV bullcrap" a few years ago. Look at the sports announcer, now. His hair is turning gray. Will it soon fall out, or has it already? Does Olbermann wear a wig?
Why is Olbermann turning gray? Maybe, because he has insulted very important people, who would like to see him crippled or dead. Maybe, because he thinks he is immortal and more intelligent than the rest of us, and this feeling of power makes him worry a bit too much, thus causing his graying streaks.
Watch Olbermann and MSNBC grow gray--and broke. Watch Olbermann grow old in front of your eyes. If you're lucky, you might catch him having a heart-attack on MSNBC, and that would improve ratings.


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