Friday, July 14, 2006


The Profound Journalist told you during June that The New York Times' reporters, Eric Lichtblau and James Risen, plus executive editor, Bill Keller, were dead men, walking.
Keller went on the liberal news outlets, proclaiming that his newspaper was patriotic and doing good by exposing secret information, which is endangering every U.S. citizen.
Now, The Times received white powder in a letter, which was discovered in the mail room, and that shook-up everyone. People at the Times can expect worse, according to sources, who have contacted TPJ.
You don't need sources to know that there are millions of angry citizens pissed-off at the NYT and other liberal news organizations, that seem to do everything possible to help the enemy of the United States.
This Blog will now make another announcement. Keller, Risen, Lichtblau, plus many columnists at The Times, better hire body-guards for themselves and their families; check their vehicles; inspect their food; have their mail screened; watch where they walk in public, and wear acid-proof, face-protectors in crowds.
In the "underground," the word is that bounties are out for NYT editors, reporters and writers.
If anyone who reads this knows people at The Times, show them this. It is not a joke.
There are people walking New York City streets and working at The New York Times, waiting to "get" the above mentioned.
Literally, there are groups of people, praying to get at Keller and his "kind," which is, according to these people's thinking, traitors, who are helping the enemy.


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