Saturday, July 01, 2006


Editor & Publisher is a liberal rag, and most people don't give a crap about this on-line or hard-copy magazine publication. But if you want proof that the news media is liberal, read E & P.
Why? This liberal-rag is the "bible" of journalism schools. Journalism students are "urged" to read it. Newspaper editors and reporters love to glance at the latest liberal paragraphs, written by some of America's most biased writers.
In E & P, President Bush is Evil. Al Gore is good. Ann Coulter is Evil. But Arianna Huffington, the California air-head, who can't speak proper English, but writes liberal propaganda, is good.
Read E & P, and you will learn the tricks of a liberal press. Read its columns, and you will understand why The New York Times is doing this country a favor by exposing secrets that protect you from terrorists. Read how traitor-coward Rep. John Murtha is a hero, and his background should not be investigated. Read how your military soldiers fighting in Iraq are murderers and rapists, and this should be made known to the public, even before its proven.
Those responsible for this liberal crap are Greg Mitchell, editor; Sid Holt, editor-in-chief; and Shawn Moynihan, managing editor.
This publication is so sleazy, that its writers can't even write a lead sentence, something that all journalism students learn. This publication is so sleazy, that its byline is: E & P Staff. This is so you won't know who wrote that particular piece of propaganda.
If this Bible Of Journalism is such, why are Republicans, President Bush, and any circumstances about them, always negative? Haven't they ever done good?
Read past issues, and you will be shocked if you see any positive articles written about Republicans or the Bush Administration.
But liberals and Democrats always get, and have gotten, good press from E & P. Wonder why?
Don't read this rag. Don't advertise in it, and don't believe any information that comes from it.
Mad Magazine has better writers than Editor & Publisher. At least they let you know that they are lying about what they are writing.


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