Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Remember when CNN gave the Rev. Jesse Jackson his own show, "Both Sides With Jesse Jackson," and President Bill Clinton was in office? Of course, only Jackson's liberal, racist side was featured on the show, but CNN did not mind that Jackson was going-into the White House to give the president "Spiritual Advisement."
Conflict of interest? Not to liberal CNN. CNN literally twisted the news, so viewers got the impression that Clinton was a great president. Protesters of Clinton were seldom seen on CNN, but when President George W. Bush got in office, all CNN did, and still does, is show protesters of Bush's policies.
Like CNN, The New York Times, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and PBS have become liberal soap boxes used to dispense liberal thoughts and ideas. If these "journalistic news outlets" want to continue to bash the U.S., President Bush, the Republicans and literally publish national security secrets that put us all at risk, then these outlets should fall under Lobbying Rules and Laws that lobbyists must follow.
It can be proved that the above news organizations have done everything possible to lobby for the Democrats and their liberal friends. It can be proved that the above outlets have done everything possible to discredit Republicans and the Bush Administration. It can be proved that the above news outlets have employees, who are mostly Democrats and Liberals. It can be proved that at least 80 percent of news media employees are Democrats and Liberals.
So, if CNN, The New York Times and the others want to lobby for Democrats and Liberals, these news organizations should adhere to strict lobbying rules, such as disclose of all financial records, publishing names of all politically connected people who work for these outlets, and their financial relationship with these news organizations.
There are many rules Lobbyists must follow, or face fines and jail. It is time to make liberal news media outlets register as lobbyists, and make them adhere to the rules of lobbying.


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