Thursday, June 15, 2006


Traitor-coward U.S. Rep. John Murtha and his billionaire news-media mogul buddy, Richard Mellon Scaife, keep helping our enemy--radical, militant Islamic terrorists, and they don't seem to give a damn. Scaife, a punk with money who publishes many newspapers that glorify traitor-coward Murtha, is responsible for making available anti-U.S. propaganda, spewed-forth by the fat Congressman from Pennsylvania.
Scaife is not as much as a traitor as Murtha. He is anti-Iraq war because of money. He is a money-pig--the war costs too much for him. That's cash that should be going to him, he probably thinks, if he can do logical thinking, at all. But no matter, these two slime-bags are partly responsible for the untold deaths of U.S. soldiers, because of their anti-war propaganda. These two, along with the Associated Press, have given the internet-savy radical Islamics billions of bits worth of anti-American fodder, which is used by our enemy.
Murtha and Scaife don't care about the enemy. Scaife is interested in money; fat Murtha is interested in politics and power. Both should be tried and shot for helping the enemy, but their Liberal friends will prevent that.
Republicans should take Scaife's membership card and kick him into the cold world of traitors and Liberals, where he belongs. But Scaife does not care. He will keep pubishing positive AP articles about fat Murtha on the front pages of his Leader Times, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Greensburg Tribune-Review.


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