Saturday, June 24, 2006


The New York Times' reporters Eric Lichtblau and James Risen; plus, Executive Editor Bill Keller will have to constantly look over their shoulders for the rest of their lives, which probably won't be much longer, if you believe the "chatter" that is buzzing through the "underground."
Because their newspaper twice published secret information that was used to help fight terrorists and terrorism, even when asked by their government not to, these three have become "targets" for those who "love the USA," according to the "chatter."
They are "dead men, walking," says one source.
This person told TPJ that rewards are being offered for the heads of the three New York Times employees. $50,000 for Keller's head placed on a flag pole, and about $30,000 for each head of reporters Lichtblau and Risen, whose decapitated skulls must be placed in bowling bags and thrown in front of their newspaper's building.
It's not right-wing nuts "wanting them dead," either, the source said. There are a few people who work at The New York Times, who have "plans" for their bosses, the source said.
It will be expensive to hire body-guards for the rest of these people's lives. If they think people will forget over time that they have endangered the population of the United States; they have aided the enemy; and they have stopped secret "tools" used to fight terrorism--they better think again.
One source said that the only place these three will be safe is the Space Shuttle. Many people are planning "private" surprises for these three, a source said, adding, none of them better walk along the streets alone.
Some Las Vegas odds-makers are "guessing" these three have about a 30 to 1 chance of living 5 more years.


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