Saturday, June 17, 2006


You make C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb rich, everytime you pay your cable bill. How Lamb got this seemingly-illegal sweet deal is unknown, but if you are anti-Republican and anti-George W. Bush, you don't mind. If you support the President, the Iraq conflict and the war on terrorism, you are out of luck. You are making Lamb rich with your cable-bill, while he lets C-SPAN guests and programs bash Bush, the Republicans, and the war on terror.
Lamb was up to his usual biased broadcasting the Friday after President Bush secretly went to Iraq. He had two guests to talk about the trip--Richard Wolffe, Newsweek Senior White House Correspondent and Associated Press Staff Photographer, Pablo Martinez Monsivais. Newsweek, as you should know,is a Liberal, anti-Bush publication, and the AP is known as a biased, anti-Bush, anti-Iraq war news organization.
Lamb cut-off all calls criticizing the media guests, and, of course, let phone calls that bashed Bush go through. Lamb has been doing this since he has gotten wealthy off your cable-bill. If you're rich, you associate with rich, Liberals, and those "people" influence your work. So, Lamb went "Hollywood," and started the Bush bashing and censoring of pro-Administration calls on C-SPAN.
C-SPAN has become a Liberal, anti-Bush, soap-box, paid for with your cable-bill money. This is good, if you hate Bush. But it is bad, if you support the President and his Administration.
One of two things must happen:
1. The IRS, Congress and the FBI must investigate Brian Lamb and C-SPAN. How Lamb is freely allowed to take your cable-bill money to make himself rich and broadcast biased, political programming must be investigated.
2. Brian Lamb needs a good ass-kicking to wake him up. He's gotten so rich from your cable-bills, that he thinks he is above the law, since he shows Congress making laws. Maybe if someone gave Lamb a few knocks to his bald, graying head, he might realize what he is doing. But, maybe, he does not care.


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