Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The word is that when John Murtha loses the next election, he will be a common citizen, who will be vulnerable to violence, just like everyone else who is not elected and becomes a traitor to his country, like fat Murtha.
Veteran groups across the country are waiting, like vultures watching a dog slowly die in the desert. Numerous vets are anticipating literally beating the shit out of Murtha, as he walks among the people, who he betrayed.
Murtha got a big mouth, now. With the help of his traitorous friends at ABC, CNN, CBS and Richard Mellon Scaife, the newspaper mogul, Murtha's anti-American, pro-enemy babbling is spread across the U.S. But the day will come when fat Murtha walks among us, and the vets will remember his words. Murtha will lose the next election, and the angry veterans who he belittled will wait, silently.
We will see if the liberal news media will call Murtha a Marine war hero, after the obese bastard gets his fat ass kicked a couple of time--in public.
But cowards hide, as will Murtha, when he loses. He will slink away, like the snake that he is. He will probably get drunk with Ted Kennedy, and the two can drunkenly discuss more traitorous plans to harm the U.S. military and its war on terror.
Sleep tight, fat Murtha. For soon, you will not be able to sleep. The heroes of this country are waiting for you. Don't make them wait too long, traitor.


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