Monday, May 01, 2006


If you believe poll results, you are stupid, do not understand math or work for a polling agency. The news media count on you being either stupid or not-too-quick at math.
Anyone who believes that asking 500 to 1,250 people, the usual amount asked in all polls, accurately reflects 300 million people's opinion is stupid. There are about 300 million people in the U.S. Asking a tiny percentage can not, does not, reflect all those people's opinion.
News media organizations like CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS, constantly lie to you, when they report that a percentage "of the American people" believe or do not believe something. In order for that to be correct, these organizations, who usually have some connection to a polling agency, would have had to question about 300 million people.
The truth is that when they report a poll, news organizations do not tell you the number of people polled, nor do they tell you how the poll was conducted, and who was asked questions. They lie, because they know the public is dumb when it comes to math.
Even a 6th grader will know that polling 500 people does not reflect 300 million people's opinion. The results from asking 500 to 1,250 people can't even come close to reflecting the opinions of just 1 million polled subjects.
These polling organizations like to say that the results and polling was done in a scientific manner. This is another lie.
To be "scientific," the results must be the same each time it is done. There are republican polling agencies and there are democratic polling agencies, and each one gets different answers or conclusions.
Polling is un-scientific. It is not accurate. It is a means to distort facts and to perpetuate propaganda.
If you believe in polling and its results, you're STUPID.


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