Sunday, April 09, 2006


Many members of the press knew that President John F. Kennedy was cheating on his wife and children, and they knew who these woman were and how many of them were secretly escorted into the White House. If you don't think there is a liberal press, try learning about these women. You won't, because many publishers, reporters and editors won't tell.
Try learning about traitor Pennsylvania Rep. John Murtha's war record. There are many unanswered questions about his tour-of-duty and medals. But you won't learn the facts about his past, because the liberal press wants Murtha "pure," so they can use his quotes to attack President George Bush.
Where are the journalists who should investigate the many women who were secretly escorted into the White House, so President Bill Clinton could have sex with them? You won't learn about them, because the liberal press loves "Bill." Even C-SPAN's founder, Brian Lamb, knows about these women. Once, a caller told the audience that there was a Christmas party in the White House, and three women and one "elected official" were in the bathroom for a long time. Lamb and his "journalist" guest never asked the name of that official, and they quickly changed the subject. If you haven't noticed, C-SPAN has turned into a "Liberal Wasteland," which means the LIBS love to waste their time watching that channel.
Where are the journalists to investigate and expose the alcohol and drug-users, who work for "esteemed" publications, like The New York Times, Editor & Publisher, The Washington Post, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, TIME, Newsweek and the Greensburg and Pittsburgh Tribune Review? A first-year journalism major could write an excellent article about this; plus, include the reporters' criminal records. But don't expect any "established reporters" to do this; they don't want to expose what happens at those office parties.
If you expect to read about the hellish crimes being committed against white women by blacks--in schools and in public--forget it. The liberal news media is biased and racist--only white people commit "hate crimes," they believe. Any true journalist will find thousands of discrimination stories in cities where blacks are a majority, discrimination against whites in housing, labor markets and voting booths. Don't expect to read about whites being the victims of crimes done by blacks.
Wanted: True Journalists.

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