Saturday, April 08, 2006


When the U.S. is attacked, and it will be according to those who know, you should remember those who helped the enemy accomplish this act of war. Remember the senators who voted to open the door to illegal immigrants, and thus, opened the borders to the enemy. If you see these senators lying in the street suffering from the attack, spit in their faces.
When the biological attack comes, remember the news media and those reporters who helped the enemy by publishing and broadcasting anti-U.S. news, information that helped those who want to kill "The Great Satan." If you see Wolf Blitzer and any of the others at CNN lying on the street gasping for air, spit in their faces. If you see any of the anti-American reporters at NBC and MSNBC, shivering with foam oozing from their mouths, spit in their faces. If you see any reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME or Newsweek crying in an alley, praying to God that their skin will stop burning, spit in their faces.
When the suit-case nuclear bomb explodes, and if you see people who did everything possible to discredit the war-on-terror, like traitors Richard Mellon Scaife and Rep. John Murtha, spit in their faces, while you watch them radiate to death.
When the deadly chemicals are released into the crops and water systems, and they are sprayed over cities and towns, remember CBS, ABC News, The History Channel, David Letterman, liberal professors at liberal colleges and PBS. If you see anyone who works for these places or the people themselves, while they are gagging, vomiting and shivering to death, spit in their faces.
Save your saliva. Those mentioned above will be the cause of the coming attack. And every one of them will be saying," Oh my God, how could this happen?"

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