Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The Profound Journalist does not know if the following items are true, but sources who contacted TPJ seemed knowledgeable and truthful.
CNN HELPING TERRORISTS: Sources said CNN correspondents have paid "civilians" for news tips in various countries, including Iraq. This money, paid in U.S. currency, was, and continues to be, used to buy weapons, which are used against the U.S. military.
OLBERMANN'S SECRET LIFE: A group of people who dislike MSNBC's Keith Olbermann are frustrated that the news media have not yet learned about Olbermann's "secret life." A spokesperson for the group said if the press does not expose Olbermann, this group will do anything "illegal and legal" to "show people the true Olbermann." The spokesperson did not give details about Olbermann's "secret life."
NEW YORK TIMES SUSPECTED: Sources said a "sub-contracted surveillance group" has been keeping secret tabs on editors and co-editors of The New York Times. These sources said a few editors are suspected of helping terrorists who are opposed to Israel and that country's policies. These sources did not identify the surveillance group and did not say if the group was associated with the FBI.
SEX AT C-SPAN: One source said inter-racial sex has been occurring in various buildings on properties owned by C-SPAN. Congressional staffers, C-SPAN employees, authors featured on C-SPAN, and some Congresspeople are allegedly involved. The source specifically mentioned "inter-racial sex," because this "type" of sex is what those involved "crave." The source said the sex acts are known about by many influential people associated with C-SPAN.


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