Sunday, April 23, 2006


Mary McCarthy, a Kerry and Clinton supporter, was fired from the CIA, after she admitted leaking classified information about secret CIA prisons to Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, who won a Pulitzer Prize for the story.
Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr., who had to know about the leak,and who published the story, along with McCarthy, who broke her CIA oath and the law by leaking the information, should both be shot, publicly.
Who knows how many deaths were caused by these traitors? Many secret plans had to be changed; well-placed CIA operatives had to be removed; and, potential information that could have saved lives was lost, all because of McCarthy, Downie and Priest.
And they did not betray the U.S. for some noble cause. They became traitors, they have endangered 300 million lives, all because they don't like President Bush.
It is one thing to report and publish stories that should be told, and it is another thing to risk U.S. military and civilian lives, all because of politics.
It is time to start prosecuting these traitors who work in the news media. It is time to start publicly shooting or hanging them, so people can see what Americans think of traitors.


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