Sunday, April 02, 2006


If 12 million illegal immigrants, who are breaking U.S. laws, are not prosecuted or deported--which is what Congress is going to do, why prosecuted any crimes, when millions of people are involved? Senators and President Bush, there are more than 12 million pot-smokers in the U.S. They are breaking the law. Why not stop arresting them, since there are millions ignoring the law?
This is how the political weasels are thinking. They want their political base to gain power, and since illegals have become a large voting-block, they are willing to ignore laws that the Congress made in order to get votes. These weasels like to say, "There are 12 million, what do you want us to do, arrest them and send them back?"
Hell, yes. Hey, President Bush, you are suppose to uphold this country's laws. Hey, Senators, uphold the laws that you created. If you don't, none of you--repeat--none of you have the right to come on TV and complain about anyone or any group breaking the law, because you are breaking the law. You are ignoring the law. If you let these 12 million go free, you are the criminals.
You will not have the right to complain about terrorists crossing the borders, because you will have opened the gates that will let all the anti-U.S. nuts in.
Criminals, that is what you will be, if you let these people continue to break the law; elected criminals, who will be thrown out of office.

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