Monday, April 10, 2006


Brian Lamb, C-SPAN founder, is a sly propagandist, maybe even better than CNN and ABC News. Lamb has baffled many high-and-powerful people into thinking C-SPAN is good for the U.S.
If C-SPAN would have just covered live sessions of Congress, as it did when it first started, things would be acceptable. But Lamb has turned "Left." He has gone even further than Left; he has gone into the "unknown" of propaganda.
"Who cares?" you say. "Turn the channel," you mutter.
The Profound Journalist cares, as should all cable-subscribers, because a portion of their cable-bill goes to fund C-SPAN. That's right, Brian Lamb has been sucking-up your money, your cable-bill money, to broadcast Liberal propaganda. If Lamb took DNC money, that would be OK, but he is slyly taking Conservative and other anti-Liberal groups' cable-money for his own use.
Black authors, who slam republicans, white people and President Bush, are often shown on C-SPAN. They get a whole week, and Lamb is more than happy to allow them to say any racist thing possible, with no one there to contradict statements.
Guests at C-SPAN's "round-table" have been, and will continue to be, Liberals and Liberal news-people.
"Call and complain on-air," you grumble.
Lamb makes sure his "phone crews" know how to screen calls. In other words, if a screener "senses" an anti-Liberal or anti-Democrat or anti-Black or anti-minority or anti-anything that C-SPAN does not like, that screener cuts the call.
Ask Lamb the number, or ratio, of Liberal guests, which includes most of the news media, to the number, or ratio, of conservative guests on C-SPAN. He won't tell you. He can do a simple "Google-type" search of his past programs and get that information, but he won't. He doesn't want you to know he is spending your cable-bill money on causes he likes, but you might not.
Brian Lamb and C-SPAN should be investigated by the IRS. But that won't happen. Lamb avoids this problem by having IRS people on his shows. "Isn't C-SPAN great?" IRS people giggle, because they were on TV. When Lamb has a problem, he just makes a person who represents that problem a TV-Star, and the problem is fixed.
How rich is Lamb? How much of his money is from your cable bill? You will never know, because Brian Lamb is a sly propagandist.

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