Saturday, March 04, 2006


So now news-consumers know who is behind the recent rise of male-homosexuality culture--the news media. Cable-news viewers were wondering why male CNN anchors and ABC News copy-readers were acting weird on-air--they were, and are, excited that Hollywood has "outed" the homo-man with its glorification of homo-cowboys. Too bad Peter Jennings died; we would have seen him signing-off with a sweetie-pie hand-kiss to his ABC News male viewers.
Since Walter-baby left CBS News many years ago, intelligent news consumers have wondered why male news-readers, who call themselves journalists, always acted weird when telling their audience about male news-makers. Watch CNN's Wolfie-boy, as he salivates, while talking about Hollywood male actors or male Democrats. We caught you, Wolfie-boy.
Some say Walter-baby was the King homo, or should we say, Queen homo? Old-man Walter-baby still stumbles onto the stages, where journalism awards are given. The pretty male reporters wet their pants to see a "legend" in front of them. No one has told these "journalists" that Walter-baby only read the news; he didn't write it, which is the least a journalist should do to be qualified as one.
So, watch, news consumers After the Academy Awards, you will see all the pretty little homo-reporters on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and FOX, trying to convince you that the homo-male's time has come--Hollywood said so at the awards.
Good-night sweetie male news homos.

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