Monday, March 27, 2006


Well, the paranoid liberals at Time Magazine and other news media organizations are freaked-out about the new terror-of-the-day--so-called global warming. Any scientist or academic who is backing this bullcrap should be kicked-out of scientific organizations of which they belong, because they are frauds.
Here is a news-flash global-warming nuts, including Al Gore--the earth is going to do whatever it wants, and pseudo-scientists who are paranoid about the earth getting warmer, can't do a damn thing about it. These people forget, and they shouldn't, that the earth is twirling through space, and scientific forces will occur, no matter what you think about them.
These global-warming nuts act like "people" are disturbing Nature; they act like Nature is the intruder. News Flash, global-warming nuts, homo sapiens are the intruders on this planet; plants, bugs, rocks and polar ice-caps were here millions of years, before the first paranoid liberals walked the earth.
The earth heats-up, then it cools down--remember learning about the ice age? The earth is going to shape or manipulate itself in whatever manner it decides is best, no matter what freaked-out, Gore-slave, global-warming nuts think should happen.
Watch these nuts. Listen to their stupidity. You'll get a good laugh. Have a beer, then go read a Sixth-Grade Geography book, which will explain how the earth works.
Little kids know more about the earth, than the nuts at CNN and Time Magazine.

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