Sunday, March 26, 2006


People who put Associated Press CEO Tom Curley in power are either stupid or blazing liberals. The AP is a private news organization used by newspapers and broadcast news organizations Since Curley "came to town," the AP has been on a witch hunt for President George Bush and any and all Republicans. Staffers at the AP have been getting into "hot-water" for their liberal, biased reporting. The Drudge Report once reported that newspaper editors across the nation complained about the Iraq-war coverage done by AP reporters. These editors were not all conservatives, either. These Iraq AP reporters put their opinions in the news articles, which is a no-no to any journalist, but CEO Curley does not know that or does not care.
It is not only Bush, the AP is an anti-death-penalty sounding board. Read the next AP article about a death-row inmate who is about to die or was executed. The AP writers always show more pity toward the murderer than the victim or the victim's family, who are usually mentioned in one sentence, minus the gruesome details of the murder. Oh yeah, instead of having "reporter" under the AP person's byline, there is "writer." AP writers. How quaint! It seems the AP prefers "writers" to reporters, so it can justify its biased news articles--writers do not have to know journalism like reporters.
If you don't know you are reading an AP article, just look at the person's name who wrote the article. Minorities are the main flavor of the AP, and TPJ is sure that CEO Curley is proud of the AP's racist hiring practices and news coverage. Curley is from the news media crowd that says, "We should have the perspective of a black person's view of the news." What makes a black person's perspective any better than a white's when covering a car accident shows how people at the AP are killing true journalism.
People running the AP are killing journalism. The whole AP organization is made-up of racists, liberals and fools. Enjoy you newspaper.

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