Saturday, January 07, 2006


Various groups, whose members want to remain secret, have informed The Profound Journalist that "rewards" or "prices" are now being offered for anyone, who can physically or mentally harm staff writers, the executive editor and/or the publisher of The New York Times. The Profound Journalist can not verify if these "groups" are serious or are trying to frighten staffers at that newspaper.
These unnamed people are extremely angry at The New York Times, they say, because that paper has "placed about 300 million Americans in danger." They told TPJ that by printing the story about the National Security Agency allegedly eavesdropping on "domestic citizens," it purposely exposed national secrets that will help "our enemies, and they did it all for politics, because they hate Bush--they are risking all our children's lives, because they hate Bush."
According to these groups, the going rewards or prices, are:
1. $1,000 for punching, slapping or kicking a NYT journalist.
2. $5,000 for breaking the arms or smashing the hands of NYT reporters and writers, so they can't type for a long time.
3. $10,000 for knocking the teeth out of Executive Editor Bill Keller or Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr's mouths. Takers can double their money on this offer, they said.
Payment would be made through a complicated series of mailings, most of which concern Post Office Boxes, these people said.


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