Friday, January 20, 2006


Iraq terrorists gave a deadline for Jill Carroll, an American free-lance reporter. They want female detainees released. They are threatening to kill Jill Carroll, and all the news media are pleading with the U.S. government to help get her released.
Let's get this right. Carroll and her anti-U.S.-Iraq-war reporters have slammed the Bush administration for months; they have helped the enemy with their biased reporting; they have caused many U.S. troops--male and female--to be wounded or killed; and they are still pumping-out anti-U.S. propaganda, including exposing secret recordings. Now, the press wants the government to help.
The press tries to destroy this country, then one of their own gets caught in a mess she created, and the news media want the people who they hate to help.
Why can't these terrorists capture people from CNN or The New York Times or The Washington Post or ABC News? This country could use a couple of those anti-American reporters held as hostages.

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