Friday, November 04, 2005


There are U.S. Congress members who smoke pot, get drunk, take pills--both legal and illegal, and get high on various other illegal substances. Nobody checks their blood. Members of Congress do not have to take drug tests, yet they are responsible for life and death decisions. It is time to force members of the House and Senate to take mandatory drug tests, and the results should be immediately made public.
The big sin here is that members of the press party with these legislators. Reporters, writers, editors, copy people, secretaries, news anchors--both network and local, and publishers regularly party with members of the U.S. Congress. That is why no one knows who is high or drunk, because the news media can't tell--they'd be ratting themselves out. Even C-SPAN's Brian Lamb knows who parties, but he won't tell or do a show on his network. Why? He joins in. He wines and dine, as do members of the Washington D. C. news media.
Then these "objective journalists" print and babble information that they think is news. The country is denied the truth, because news-media drug-heads and winos are making sure they can go to the next big party--they don't want to rat-out the drunks of Congress.
Drug test the U.S. Congress, now. Ask your member if he or she will take a drug test.
Bet you they are against it. Bet you The Washington Post and The Washington Times would be against it, as would CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, Newsweek, Time and other news media outlets.
It's time to hire private investigators to watch the above, and report the findings to U.S. workers, who are forced to piss in a jar to prove they do not use drugs.


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