Friday, November 18, 2005


What CNN, ABC, CBS and the other liberal news media outlets will not tell the public, is that Congressman John P. Murtha has always opposed the Iraq war. These liberal news outlets have made it sound as if Murtha did something unique and new, when the anti-war Representative babbled in front of them about wanting the troops withdrawn, immediately.
From his 12th District in Pennsylvania, patriotic members of the local V.F.W., the American Legion, and at areas where former marines hang-out, Murtha's cowardice has shocked them. Even some members of the anti-war groups can't believe that Murtha would go that far.
The question has come-up that it might be necessary to remove Murtha's name from all the buildings and bridges, which people named after him, mistakingly thinking he was a good American.
Fat Murtha better ready himself for a anti-Murtha blitz. When that happens, do not expect the news media to cover it. CNN and ABC News are filled with anti-war reporters, who love the fact that U.S. military people are dying in Iraq. You can see Wolf Blitzer's glee, when he reports that another carbomb exploded, killing many people.
The Profound Journalist has no pity for Murtha, as to what will happens to him in the future, politically. He will eventually hide in a liberal hole, where all cowards go, and where the Wolf Blitzers love to see soldiers die in Iraq.


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