Friday, November 25, 2005


Richard Mellon Scaife, conservative news media owner, is letting his editors push the propaganda of U.S. Rep. John P. Murtha on his newspapers' front pages. The Leader Times, a Scaife paper in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, has been publishing articles that read more like campaign rhetoric than news. These articles make Murtha into a hero, which he is not.
The fact is that many veterans in Murtha's Pennsylvania's 12th District despise the fat politician, who babbled in front to the news media that he wanted to cut-and-run in Iraq, and he wants the soldiers home.
Scaife, a republican, must be smoking wacky-tobaccy and sending love letters to Cindy Sheehan, for that is the only explanation to explain why he is supporting a traitor, John P. Murtha. Hundreds of thousands of military people think Murtha is a traitor, especially since he is a veteran and a former marine.
Scaife and his editors will lose this one in the long run, as will Murtha. Those cowardly words of Murtha, and the newspapers that pushed those traitorous ramblings will pay the price in the future, be it financially, politically or reputation-wise.


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