Friday, September 16, 2005


David Letterman hates President George Bush, so he has made cruel, rude jokes about him and his administration. Not surprising, since Letterman is on CBS, the network that got caught broadcasting lies about President Bush, then was forced to admit it.
So, anti-American rhetoric spews weekly from Letterman. He has tried to display his support for the troops by visiting them in Iraq a few times. But in reality, his vicious attacks on the president help the enemy, and it endangers U.S. troops. An idiot like Letterman, who lives in the city that was attacked, does not know that--or does he?
Letterman works in New York City, where a majority of the population is anti-Bush. It is a liberal city, where sex, drugs and disease are acceptable, but fighting Islamic extremists, is not. Letterman knows this and books the most liberal, anti-Bush guests he can find, and he lets them mouth-off about anything anti-Bush and anything that shows that the U.S. is an evil country.
Equally-stupid Ted Turner was anti-American Letterman's latest guest. He was allowed to tell millions on TV-viewers total lies, and Letterman was pleased. An example of these two's stupidness is when Turner said that the Iraqi people were doing better before U.S. forces entered their country. He left-out that fact that Saddam killed tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children. He left-out the fact that Saddam's sons tortured thousands of people, and they owned a giant chipper, which was used to throw people into, where they were chopped to bloody, human bits.
And thus, The Profound Journalist asks: When is Letterman going to have another heart attack and die?
Soon, TPJ prays. It will do the country good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ouch. that is horrible, hateful stuff you are saying.

17 September, 2005  

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