Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Disgusting, rude, big-baby, egocentric and a fool are just some terms that describe I-Man Imus, who has a MSNBC televised radio show in the morning. Friends call him I-Man. The Profound Journalist believes the "I" stands for "idiot." Imus' enemies, and there are many who live in New York City, call him "Turtle Face, " because Imus' face resembles a turtle's ugly mug.
This article is not done to make fun of Imus. It is done, because Imus has called many people all types of derogatory names. He has yelled at people on-air, and he has rudely criticized President George Bush and his administration. Turtle-Face thinks he is God. He thinks he can do and say anything he wants, all because he has a network radio show. He has treated guests with disdain, and he has showed millions of viewers how childish he is, by screaming at his staff, on-air. Old Turtle-Face Imus wears a cowboy hat on-air. He brags about carrying a gun. He thinks he is "bad." Let's see if he has a sense of humor. Here are some Imus jokes:
Q: What vile, ugly animal does Imus resemble?
A: A liberal.

Q: What does Monica Lewinsky and Imus have in common?
A: They both suck.

Q: Why does Imus work for MSNBC?
A: He doesn't know any better.

Q: What qualities about Imus did his wife find alluring, before marriage?
A: His money--look at his face.

Q: Why does Imus wear a cowboy hat, while doing his show?
A: So viewers can't see the hole in his head.


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