Friday, September 23, 2005


Beware of polls, especially those shown on CNN. Remember, it is not the percentage of a poll that counts, it is the number of people questioned. CNN, like most other news organizations, seldom tell viewers the number of people polled. This is important.
If, for example, CNN only asked 4 people something, and three said they liked it, CNN can say that 75 percent of people polled liked something. But, CNN does not say that. CNN likes to say that 75 percent of the American public likes something. This is how the news media twists the news with polls.
When a CNN anchor says that a certain percentage of the American public believes something, it is a lie. In order for a percentage of the American public to believe something, about 296 million people, the population of the U.S., must be polled. That is never done, and it won't be, because it would be impossible. But CNN likes to lie, twist the truth, and manipulate the news, so viewers will believe something.
Polls are not scientific. News organizations say polling is "scientific," but it is not. To be scientific, one must be able to show the exact same results, over and over. Democratic polling organizations and Republican polling organization will get different answers for the same question--it is done all the time.
You must remember that CNN is a liberal news organization. When President Bill Clinton was in the White House, CNN gave Jesse Jackson his own show, "Both Sides With Jesse Jackson." But only one side was given--Jackson's. Besides that, the Rev. Jackson was a frequent visitor to the White House to give the president "spiritual advice." If that isn't a conflict of interest for CNN, journalism is dead. Oh yeah, Jackson even once booked himself as a guest for his own show. Yes, Jackson was a guest on "Both Sides With Jesse Jackson."
If this were World War II, Blitzer and his anti-war reporters and commentators would be shot for helping the enemy. It is not known how many U.S. soldiers have been killed, because of CNN's anti-war reporting, which the enemy, radical Islamics, use in their media.


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