Tuesday, September 27, 2005


During 1996, by the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington, an estimated 9,000-year-old skull and partial skeleton was found by two men watching a hydro-boat race. Scientists started studying it, made a cast of its parts, then area Indian groups decided they wanted Kennewick Man returned to them, so they could bury it (him).
The Kennewick Man has been in legal limbo, since. Scientists want to study the bones, because it could be "caucasoid," meaning a white person. This is important, because if Kennewick Man is really from Central Europe, as some scientists think, it means that today's American Indians were not the first people in America, which later became the United States. This means that these Indian tribes would not be able to suck-in billions of tax-free dollars from gambling casinos they own, because they claim to be the owners of the land that makes-up the U.S.
Kennewick Man's age has been estimated at between 8,400 and 9,400 years old. The Native American Protection & Repatriation Act passed in 1990 gives legal protection for Native Americans, so Indian human remains, burial goods and cultural objects can be returned to the tribes for burial. The Act, which was protested by scientists, gave these Indians the right to go into museums and take what they thought was remains or objects of their people.
Now, watch the liberal press report this. Watch the liberal scientists, who are many.
It could be that U.S. taxpayers have been giving free land and other social gifts to the Native Americans, who are not natives, at all.


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