Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It is The Profound Journalist's belief that sports should not be on the front page of a newspaper. A small box could be there, telling readers to see the sports page. But a whole lead story about baseball or golf on the front page is silly. If these editors are going to use sports stories on their front pages, why aren't bowling stories printed there? Why aren't results of chess matches there? The reason is editors belong to a world of punks and cheaters, that is, they love baseball and golf.
When golf was invented, it was a rugged game, played on rugged terrain. Players walked to the next hole, carrying their clubs. Now sissy players pay people to carry their club-bags, and they ride to the next hole on motorized vehicles. If golf were played as a "man's game," players would carry their clubs and walk to each hole. That would be sport. Tiger Woods could not play golf, as it should be played. He cheats, as do all golfers. They are punks; they are like little kids crying about not winning, while playing at the playground.
Speaking of little kids, baseball is a game made especially for childrens' mentalities. These "great" players even cheat at their own game. The object of a sports competition is to see who is the better team. The object is to win, fairly.
If a batter is too good, the opposing team's pitcher walks him. He won't let him hit the ball. Tell me that isn't childish. If baseball were played correctly, all batters would bat. None would be "walked." These childish baseball players, these punks, even have substitute runners and hitters.
"Daddy, my friend doesn't run fast, can we put my other friend on base?"


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