Friday, August 12, 2005


History shows that it is likely that the Democrats will win the next presidential election, but as for Congressional seats, it is unknown. However, The Profound Journalist will show what will happen, if Democrats take the House, Senate and get one of their own in the Oval Office.
1. The Far Left will go Hog-Wild for revenge. This means many things, including having Hollywood-types placed into important governmental positions. Oprah, Moore, Stewart and others will be given power to spend tax-money on the Far Left's special projects.
2. Taxes will increase. This is the first thing Democrats do, when they get into office--raise taxes. This, of course, means that any tax-cuts that the Bush Administration had in place will be taken away.
3. Much of these taxes will go for "Reparations." The Far Left is Hell-Bent on giving Blacks in the United States money for free. They call it reparations. If Bill Clinton could have been president for four more years, taxes-payers would now be contributing to a fund that would give each Black American at least $1 million. Remember, Clinton liked to call himself the "first black president."
4. A flag with the continent of Africa will be flown under the Stars-and-Stripes over the White House. This flag-flying situation will be the result of a deal made in Congress with the liberals. Its purpose will be to show Black Americans how sorry white Americans are for participating in slavery during the early years of America.
5. Cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and snuff will be outlawed. The looney-left will have enough votes in Congress to do this. Tobacco under-ground markets will spring-up.
6. The "War On Terror" will be forgotten. Senators like Kennedy will declare that the U.S. must improve its image to the World, and thus; security measures will become lax, and the Partriot Act will become obsolete.
7. The Military Budget will be dramatically cut. Any over-seas troops will be ordered home. Money for the military will be funneled to federal programs made to "help the environment."
8. Oil drilling and refining will be slowed almost to a stop, because environmentalists will fear for the lives of micro-organisms living near these sites.
9. Laws will be passed to rid the country of the gasoline engine. Battery-powered cars, trucks and SUVs will be driven by all motorists.
10. Federal funds will be denied to colleges and universities that do not teach liberal-thought. Conservative-thought will only be allowed with elective-courses.
This is just 10. Maybe later, The Profound Journalist will list more.


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