Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Billionaire news-media mogul Richard Mellon Scaife has become a traitor to his country, his political party and journalism, in the opinion of The Profound Journalist. Scaife has U.S. soldiers' blood on his hands, along with the news editors of his many newspapers.
Scaife's newspapers are a daily deluge of negative stories about the war on terror and the conflict in Iraq. His news editors use stories by the Associated Press, which is the most liberal, anti-President Bush news organization used by U.S. papers. The Drudge Report recently published a story about U.S. news editors complaining to the AP about its reporting on the conflict in Iraq. The AP identifies its people covering the conflict as being "writers," not reporters or journalists. That alone tells one that the stories are biased. Reporters and journalists know how to relate facts, without editorial comments. But AP writers like to shove their anti-war, anti-Bush attitudes into their stories, and Scaife knows this.
About 99 percent of the stories on Iraq in Scaife's papers are done by the AP. Sometimes his news editors use other anti-Bush news services like The New York Times or The Los Angeles Times.
So, Scaife is a traitor to his country, because he is aiding the enemy, by reporting negative information that helps their cause. Arab newspapers pick-up on these negative stories, and then re-print them, so the enemy can feel they are defeating "The Great Satan." And thus, Scaife is also a traitor to his political party, most of whose members support their president.
Scaife is responsible for many deaths of U.S. soldiers--there is no argument there. By reporting negative news about the war, which soldiers eventually read or learn about, Scaife
erodes moral, which can cause serious mistakes on the battle-ground.
"Why am I fighting, if no one cares?" many soldiers probably asked themselves, after reading one of Scaife's negative stories.
By using the AP, Scaife is also a traitor to journalism. His editors only use the AP, and those who know the newspaper business, know that the AP is a liberal, anti-war news service. How can Scaife "shine a light on the news," if he only uses a liberal news service?
To show your support of the troops, The Profound Journalist urges you not to buy or advertise in the following newspapers: the Greensburg Tribune-Review; the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review; the Valley News Dispatch; the Leader Times; the Daily Courier; the Monessen Valley Independent; and the Blairsville Dispatch.


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