Sunday, August 07, 2005


Watch the liberals crawl-out of the journalistic woodwork to attend Peter Jennings' funeral. Jennings' death was announced tonight, and you can tell which networks are playing the violin strings for his passing.
Let's tell it like it is. Jennings was a Canadian, who anchored ABC News for many years. He only became a U.S. citizen during 2003. ABC News, the liberal network, let a Canadian bring news to U.S. news consumers. Jennings' liberal attitude, his hatred for the current Bush administration and his anti-war beliefs peppered his news coverage, and ABC News loved it. Here was a Canadian, until 2003, who was allowed to "color" the news, as he saw it. There is no way to know how many U.S. soldiers died, because of his anti-war news coverage. There is no way to know how many innocent people were killed, because those who hated the U.S. heard news from Jennings that bolstered their beliefs.
Jennings' liberal news-friends will call him a journalist, but he was only a news-reader. He read copy written for him, and he made sure those words matched his liberal, anti-war views. Sometimes, news-consumers could not tell if Jennings and ABC News worked in the U.S. or for a Arab news-outlet. Sometimes, ABC News viewers could see Jennings' contempt for the current Bush administration. Sometimes, news-watchers could not tell if Jennings was anti-U.S.--he was a Canadian and Canada has a negative attitude toward the United States.
So, watch who comes to Jennings' funeral. You will see big-shot libs from all over the country, crying, sobbing, and probably, blaming George Bush for Jennings' death.


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