Friday, July 01, 2005


The radical Muslims in Iraq continue to kill innocent people, including many brave U.S. soldiers. It's time to quit playing games. The U.S. leaders should tell the radical Muslims:
If one more U.S. soldier dies because of any of your cowardly attacks, a cruise missile will be launched at Mecca, and your holy Kaaba will be blown to bits. If you continue to kill, then one mosque will be destroyed for every person you kill.
Believers in Islam are called Muslims, which means in Arabic--those who surrender.
If these cowards, these rag-wearing punks who surrender, continue to kill in the name of Allah, then the U.S. should literally wipe-out any and all holy shrines of those who practice evil in a god's name.
The Kaaba is a large square-shaped shrine in Mecca, and these fools believe that their holy city is the most sacred spot on earth. Well, if they want it to continue to be sacred, the coward radical Muslims who kill the innocent in Iraq, should surrender, which is what their name means. If not, then the U.S. should start destroying these murderers' holy shrines, including their Kaaba.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really think you saying this kind of thing is creul and not nice. These people are fighting for thier livlihood we americans are there to watch but some how got invovled.

06 September, 2005  

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