Sunday, July 10, 2005


CBS got discredited and criticized, after their news division used bad journalism in an attempt to hurt President George Bush with fake records concerning his National Guard service. Still licking its wounds, CBS won't give up trying to push its liberal agenda. The CBS "big shots" found an easy, simple way to get their propaganda out--they bought The History Channel.
Programs on The History Channel were politically neutral. Now, CBS has gone over old documentaries and inserted liberal commentators for various programs on history. The CBS "Libs" at The History Channel edited-in liberal blacks, liberal authors, liberal historians and various types of liberal advocates into programs about history. If you taped a program before CBS bought the channel, and if you watch it now, you can see how they have distorted historical facts into liberal causes.
Programs about the U.S. fighting Indians now have liberal commentators edited into the show, so he or she can explain how "evil" the white government was--and still is--and how they were victims, and continue to be. And "Old Hickory," Andrew Jackson, is called "paranoid," a "Napoleon," and portrayed as uncontrollable in one of The History Channel's documentaries.
The "Libs" of Hollywood made sure CBS would support them. Now, The History Channel shows "movies" about history, almost all of which are not true, because of made-up dialogues, made-up scenes, etc. It won't surprise The Profound Journalist to one day see a documentary on that channel that shows how President George Washington was really black.
Once, The History Channel showed good documentaries. Now, the ones that were good are not shown, or they have been edited to show "the other point of view." How long will viewers let this happen?
Remember, some of these programs are shown in schools across the U.S. And some are taped, so students can "study" them.


Blogger TaniaJPS said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts. If find them interesting :-)Where are you getting your facts from? Support your position with examples! Just thought I'd lend my two cents.

03 August, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really like what you said but you have to let liberals speak somewhere if you dont they'll protest every where.

06 September, 2005  

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