Friday, April 22, 2005


All living things eventually die. That is Nature's way. Dying by accident, murder, disease or naturally has an important cosmic reason. Trees die. Plants die. Animals die. Microscopic organisms and insects die. Imagine what the earth would be like, if those above did not die.
Imagine that all living organisms lived forever. This earth would now have ancient creatures running amok through the cities and cornfields. Dinosaurs would be stamping on and over people's houses--that is if there were houses. The world's population, from the beginning of developed-humans, would be in the billions, and there might not be room for houses.
If we did not die, we would see Abraham Lincoln, Adolph Hitler and many people from the past, about whom we read. Ancient animals would be everywhere, and the competition for food would be unimaginable. Which brings the point--if every living thing did not die, what would meat-eaters consume? Nothing alive would die, so how would they live? How would humans survive, if they did not eat once-living plants and animals?
So dying, no matter how horrible or peaceful it may be, is a necessary, biological-phase in the cycle of life. Don't worry. We all have to die. Whatever happens after that, only the dead know, and they are not telling the living. But, scientifically, one can assume that death, like birth, is a necessary function done for some good reason.


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