Friday, April 29, 2005


Those living in rust-belt cities experience economic decay that grips and destroys businesses, once-beautiful buildings and maintained streets. From Pittsburgh to Lansing, from State College to Columbus, people dread waking-up to confront their decrepit cities, and they wish the old steelmills were alive, again. But the steelmills died, and thousands upon thousands of workers, who were overly-paid because of unions, had to retire or look for work, elsewhere.
Unions killed the steelmills. Go ask people who lived near them. Unions demanded high wages for unskilled laborers. They demanded more and more, and steelmills were forced to close, because they could not afford to pay what union-members demanded. Now, these unemployed, once-union laborers are bitching about not finding work in the "new" economy, which is run by information, not unions and over-paid workers.
There is not much difference between unions and the old Mafia that ran Chicago. For example, to work at any union business, you must--that is must--pay union dues. Even if you don't want to be in the union, you must pay the dues, or you don't work. Al Capone's boys did the same with small business-owners--they had to pay dues or their shops would blow-up. The Pennsylvania Turnpike workers, who have a union, went on strike not too long ago. Some union members could not afford to strike, because they had families to feed. These non-strikers went to work daily, and their union threatened them. Now that the strike is over, the union big-shots sent letters to those who crossed the lines, telling them that they will be disciplined.
One problem with unions is that stupid people, workers who can not even tell you what the solar system is, are paid $30, $40 and $50 an hour to do work. Literally, these people are dumb. Yet, they get paid more than people who graduated from college or a trade school. These union people are also dangerous. Accidents are bound to happen, when uneducated laborers are running huge, dangerous machines. But union officials will not let the public study these accidents. Why? Because they don't want the public to know that dumb people, who are paid more than college graduates, are working with dangerous machinery and materials.
So now the laid-off union workers are crying about no employment. They can't work in the information age, which requires computer skills. They are too dumb to operate a computer. They killed themselves. Unions killed them.
When unions hire stupid people, stupid people will eventually run unions. And that means exactly what has been happening in the rust-belt states--plant closings and layoffs.
Unions once had a time and place, but that was decades ago. Now it is time to recognize that demanding high pay for stupid workers will only hurt union-members and their employers.


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