Saturday, April 16, 2005


Freedom of the press does not mean that news-media organizations can't be taxed. Billions of dollars each year are made by corporate news-media organizations. It would be interesting to learn the exact total yearly profits collectively-made by U.S. news outlets, like CNN; NBC; ABC; FOX; CBS; The Washington Post; The New York Times, plus all the small-town newspapers owned by many of these corporate news-media giants.
Every Democrat voted into office wants, and often succeeds, in raising taxes for many of their pet-projects. It is because of Democrats that smokers have been, and are, being discriminated against. The Republicans also helped in bashing smokers with unfair taxes.
So, if it is "fair" to punish smokers, who indulge in a legal substance by choice, it should be fair to tax new-media organizations, who have the right to ruin lives; try to choose a U.S. president by propaganda; embarrass innocent people by plastering their names on front pages for things they did not do; plus, possess power that literally can change a country's political, social and economic direction.
Let's say 10 percent. That's right, news-media organizations should pay the U.S. government, meaning the IRS, about 10 percent of their yearly profits. Why? This would clean-up journalism. If the news media had to pay money for their product, they would damn well be sure they had the "best" working for them, unlike the hacks who work for them now. Many times the news media have contributed to chaos, which caused taxpayers millions. Reporting about Vietnam and civil rights are two examples. Reporting about both caused demonstrations, destruction, deaths and millions of dollars in property damage, for which U.S. taxpayers had to pay.
Want to lower the deficit? Tax the news media. Want more money for border patrols? Tax the news media. Want more cash for pollution control? Tax the news media. Want more funds for highways and roads? Tax the news media. Want more defense money? Tax the news media.
Let's see if the Congressional tax-raisers of both parties really want free money to spend. They should pass a bill that would tax news-media organizations.


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