Monday, April 04, 2005


The public will never know about the untold-scandals that happen yearly in Washington D.C., because the press covers them up. These untold-scandals involve Congress-people and members of the news media. That is why nothing is said--members of the news media do not want their names plastered on the front pages.
This is not new. It has been happening for decades. But one would think that a serious journalist would do his or her job, and let the public know about sex in the White House and in other D.C. buildings. Yes, married members of Congress have been cheating in plain view of other people, and not one member of the news media has spilled-the-beans. That is because married news-media people have also been cheating on their spouses.
The cess-pool relationship between the Washington D.C. Congress-people and members of the news media is a secret relationship. The Profound Journalist does not understand why a publication, maybe like The National Enquirer, does not send reporters to infiltrate this "Good Ol' Boys" sex-and-drug playground in Washington D.C.
Drugs, sex, booze, and who knows what else, is routinely practiced by some Congress members and their staffers, members of the news media, big-shot D.C. lawyers and many minor politicians in that area.
Ask any editors or reporters from The Washington Post to tell you about the above. They will clam-up. They will deny. But some members of that newspaper know very well who does what with whom, and where it is done. This is true of all news organizations, who have staff in Washington D.C. These news-people know about the dirty little secrets that national politicians have. The reason why they aren't talking is because they also have dirty little secrets.
This has been happening for too long. It is time for serious journalists to expose the sex, drug-use and excessive alcohol consumption done by elected politicians and members of the news media.
Members of this "little D.C. group" better get down on their knees every night and pray that someone from The Profound Journalist does not win $50 million or more in a lottery. Their days of wine-and-roses would come to an immediate halt.


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