Thursday, April 21, 2005


Journalists, historians, political hacks, pundits and anti-Bush people have endlessly argued and questioned why the U.S. went into Iraq. The reason was slyly given once, when President Bush addressed the nation. The news media never picked-up on it.
Candidate George W. Bush did not want anything to do with foreign policies when he ran for election. Then 9-11 hellishly came. Bush's foreign policies changed. President Bush told the nation one night, after the U.S. military invaded Iraq, that there would be heroes that people will learn about from the news media. He said there will also be deeds done that no one will know about, and there will people people killed, who will not get publicly recognized.
Those lines, which are paraphrased, hint at the reason for invading Iraq. There was something in Iraq that had to be destroyed. There was something there that President Bush thought was worth risking his presidency on, so it would never work--whatever that was. The fall of the Iraq dictator and the weapons of mass destruction were the only ways President Bush could explain his reason for doing whatever the U.S. military, and secret agents, did in Iraq.
Whatever was "taken care of" in Iraq, was also important to liberal Tony Blair of the United Kingdom. He supported President Bush, even though most of his country did not want to be in Iraq. He risked his political career to help Bush. Well, not help Bush, but help "take care of" whatever was taken care of.
If there were a good journalist working for the news media, and if he or she wanted to get all those fancy journalism awards, he or she would investigate what really was destroyed, stopped or "taken care of" during the Iraq invasion.
Were there nuclear devices there, ready to explode? Were there missiles containing deadly biological agents, aimed at another country and timed to launch? Were there exotic minerals, scientific equipment or secret, deadly, military devices in Iraq that had to be destroyed?
We will probably never know in our lifetime. We will never know how many lives were saved. We will never know if, maybe, the whole world's population was saved. But in about 100 years, the truth will come out. Then, President Bush and Prime Minister Toni Blair will be considered two of the world's greatest leaders of all time.


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