Sunday, April 24, 2005


If you didn't know, and if you haven't already suspected, journalism is dead.
Take FOX News, whose self-called journalists keep telling the audience that their network is "Fair and Balanced." Any high-school journalism student knows that true journalists never use the word "fair" in describing their work. Why? What is fair to you, might not be fair to me. So, true journalists do not use "fair." Any college journalism 101 student knows that the use of redundancy is not allowed. Words are used precisely. FOX's "Fair and Balanced" is redundant. It should not be used, anyway. But if there are journalists at FOX, you would think that one of them would have realized that "Fair and Balanced" mean the same thing. If you are "fair," then you are "balanced." What FOX is doing is like writing a sentence that states: "The sky is blue, blue." Or: "The snow is white, white." See how dumb that looks and sounds? But FOX people don't care, because that network does not have true journalists.
The journalistic doings of The Washington Post, The New York Times and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are examples of how journalism died. Reporters, who have studied journalism, know how to write a lead, which is the first sentence of a news story. That sentence is the hardest to write, because it must tell the reader everything about the whole story within one or two lines. The above newspapers' editors have forgotten journalism 101, and they allow their "writers" to compose long, fancy leads that do not tell the reader what the news story contains.
The reason these papers have helped kill journalism is many, but here a few: 1) They wanted to "color" their newsrooms, so they hired minorities, many of whom had no reason to be hired, except for the color of their skins and their sex. This led to "bad" writing and frightened editors who were intimidated by lawsuits, if they complained about the bad work. 2.) They hired people who knew how to write, but they never studied journalism, and they never earned a journalism degree. The above newspapers hired people with degrees in Sociology, Science, Business, Literature and other college-degree subjects. These people know about these subjects, but they know nothing about journalism or reporting. 3.) Literally, stupid people manage and work for these newspapers. There are people in editorial positions, who have gotten there by various unprofessional means. 'Nuff said; you figure that out.
So, all you college journalism students and graduates, be prepared to enter a journalism world, where journalism is not practiced.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow journalism is dead.

Wow. You blew my mind man.

Wow. Deep.

29 April, 2005  

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