Thursday, April 07, 2005


If you haven't watched Lou Dobbs on CNN, do so, because you will see a man, who likes to be called a journalist, on a one-way trip to the nut-house. He rants and raves about anything that makes the Bush administration look bad. But what very few people know is that Ol'Lou is starting to crack-up on his program,"Lou Dobbs Tonight."
This slow descent into madness started not long after his wife was stopped by security people at an airport, carrying a concealed handgun. Since that day when his wife was--rightly so--hassled by security people--Dobbs has done everything he can to negatively report about the Bush White House. He blames Bush and Ashcroft for his wife's inconvenience, viewers assume.
Dobbs is suppose to be a business reporter, a capitalist. But he rants and raves about corporations taking-over America and other left-leaning, anti-business situations. Lou Dobbs does not give a crap about illegal aliens sneaking across the border, but since that subject can prick the Bush administration, Ol'Lou is banging-away at any illegal-alien stories he and his CNN buddies can dig-up.
Dobbs is not proud. He advertises his own book on his show. CNN does not have pride, either. CNN is a liberal, cable-news network, so it is natural that their executives would want an anti-big-business reporter on their financial shows.
So, if you want to watch a man on TV eventually go mad, watch Lou Dobbs on CNN. He is sliding into slow insanity, and you can watch every minute of it.