Friday, April 01, 2005


Hundreds of small Catholic churches have been, and will be, closed, because the current Pope's administration can't seem to find the money to keep them in operation. Take a look at the expenses this Pope racked-up, including fancy vehicles, special guards and other items that collectively cost millions of dollars.
There are thousands of U.S. Catholics living in small towns, who have been denied the right to practice their faith in local Catholic churches, because this Pope, who is sick, decided to spend, spend and spend more. Thousands of elderly Catholics, some of whom are sick, either can't go to church on Sunday, because they don't have one, or they must spend their last dollars on finding rides to distant churches.
The Catholic Church owns at least two-fifths of all property on this earth. There are billions of dollars worth of art objects, books, religious articles and other Catholic-related items in, and around, the Vatican. This Pope would rather worry about money for his fancy, expensive Pope clothing, than be concerned about Jesus' "Lambs," who do not have a church to worship in. Some Catholic priests live in expensive houses. Some own airplanes. And, of course, some have been convicted of sex-crimes, which caused "The Church" to pay-out a lot of cash to a lot of victims.
This Pope's passing will be good. Now, countries will not have to worry about him sticking his nose into their politics. Instead of practicing his "job," which is to take-care of his people, this Pope liked to get involved in politics, where he had no business.
The Profound Journalist feels that when this Pope dies, the "man" upstairs is going to have some nasty religious words for him.


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