Friday, April 01, 2005


U.S. Military sources told The Profound Journalist last week that a hybrid tiger-lion can be used in desert-combat situations, after various tests are completed. The animal, which is the result of a lion and tiger mating, is enormous, strong, fast, and can be trained.
"A 12-foot high grisly Bear would run from one of these animals," a military source said. "Imagine 200 of these lion-tiger animals, all trained, out in the desert, waiting to attack the enemy at the sound of a command. Imagine the enemy's shock, when they see 200 huge lion-tigers running straight at them. They'd drop their weapons and run."
Logistics, costs and other minor problems are currently under investigation, sources said.
The animals would save soldiers' lives, and they would cause confusion at the enemy's line, sources said. During this confusion, sources added, combat troops could destroy the enemy.
Various secret breeding locations around the world are in the process of creating, what some might call, the new U.S. soldier.


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