Tuesday, March 29, 2005


If there is a Hell, The Profound Journalist can only hope that Satan is now thrusting his pitchfork into Johnnie Cochran's ass. The Profound Journalist can only hope this Hellish stabbing continues, forever.
Johnnie Cochran was responsible for having O. J. released to the public. O. J. brutally stabbed to death two white people--his wife and an innocent bystander, who tried to help stop the slaughter. Cochran, who was a racist, played the race-card on the jury, who decided to let O. J. go free to play golf and enjoy his lavish life-style for as long as he lives.
You will hear lawyers, lawyer-lovers and members of the news media make a god out of Cochran, but in reality, Cochran was a low-life lawyer, who used race in a legal system that is suppose to ignore factors of race.
Cochran grew extremely rich--not because of talent--but because after the O. J. trial. News media pundits and reporters decided to make him a symbol of black achievement. He literally became a "star" in news-media members' eyes. The news media tried, and sometimes succeeded, in making the public believe that Cochran was a star, someone special.
But The Profound Journalist knows the truth, as do millions of other people, who believe in justice based on facts, not the color of one's skin.
So Johnnie Cochran is dead. Good.
We don't have to worry about him trying to get imprisoned terrorists released, because of the color of their skin.


Anonymous Lyana said...

Whoever wrote this article is clearly a lowlife themselves. Cochran did his job, defending the people that hired and then turning around and defending people that couldn't afford his services just so they would get a fair and decent trial, free of charge... How dare you say something like these crude and obscene things about Johnnie, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

08 September, 2005  

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