Friday, March 04, 2005


Rap or Hip Hop was created in the dingy, rat-infested, crack houses, located in major, U.S. cities. Crack Heads babbled words that rhymed, while they beat objects near them, and this unholy marriage of rhyme and rhythm temporarily enlightened the dope heads. In their wacked-out minds, they thought they had made music, or something like it.
It was not long before crack heads walked the streets, high on freshly-smoked "rocks," babbling what they thought was "music." Eventually, big-time, crack-pushers heard the "music." They knew that keeping their hooked crack heads happy would make them very rich. Slowly, these big-timers encouraged the addicted rock-smokers to develop their "music." Praise was bestowed on those rock-smokers, who could talk "normal," and make words and rhymes sound acceptable to other rock-smokers, and especially to "normal" people. This underground "music" culture slowly spread across the United States. It was done while crack was delivered to various pushers in various states.
The big-time crack pushers "hid" their dope money by investing in lawyers, business people, and eventually, by buying or creating music companies. This became a crack head's paradise. Now, ignorant and stupid people, who could rhyme words and beat-out "music," while under the influence of crack, could earn money by making records and CDs. The best part, in the big-timers' view, was that they had duped and baffled radio stations, entertainment media companies and the news media into thinking that their "crack music" was a form of music, expression and art. Literally, people who could not play "chop sticks" on a piano, now had a means to create so-called music, without the hassle of knowing music and how to play it. Multi-billion-dollar corporations, unaware that they were pushing music inspired by crack, created countless commercials that played "crack music" in the background.
Anyone who thinks that crack-music, commonly called "Hip Hop" or "Rap," is music, he or she does not know anything about the subject. If you consider Rap and Hip Hop as being music, you are one of three types of people: 1. You are a person who does not know anything about music, it complexities and its qualities. 2. You are dim-witted, ignorant or musically lazy. 3. You are addicted to crack or other illegal substances.
The Profound Journalist predicts that Hip Hop and Rap so-called music will fail and disappear, just like "Disco Music" died. Bad times are on the horizon for Hip Hop and Rap, because of its glorification of violence and drug-use; its negative message of disrespect for women; and its insidious, dark themes. Some day soon, people will learn the truth about this "music," corporations will not push it in their commercials and today's "crack music" stars will crawl back into their dingy, rat-infested dens, where it all started.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow how can you possibly be so ignorant. Yes i heard hip hop would die out when i was 15 back in 1996 close to ten years later its bigger than ever.

11 September, 2005  
Blogger hiphopper said...

You're full of crap bud. That was the most biased article I have EVER read in my entire life, and I hope someone will burn it like the hip hop ARTISTS apparently burn crack rocks. Plus, nobody cares about what you think about hip hop. You're probably writing it because you were pissed that disco died out... am I right, HOMIE????

21 October, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bullshit you son of a bitch!!!! Don't attack rap music.... it's just another form of expression.... you must really suck as a person to think that ur choice of music is better than people who listen to hip hop.... i'm open to a lot of types of music.... but i'd never make shit up about music i didn't like to get other people to take my side.... ur a useless bastard apparently and have nothing better to do with ur time son... have a nice day

24 November, 2005  

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